Thursday, October 6, 2011

Views of America

"Dr. Yuan noted that Chinese generally have positive attitudes about the United States when it comes to its educational system, music and films, science and technology sectors, managements systems and commercial brands. But Chinese often take a negative view when it comes to policy issues, where they perceive the United States as acting hegemonic (dominance) or as the world’s policeman. These perceptions are frequently tied to the way they view the U.S. president, which, in turn, is related to the Taiwan issue. For instance, when President Clinton announced the “Three No’s” during his visit to China, his popularity in China increased. When President Bush was in China, he stated support for the one-China policy but added that the rights of the people on Taiwan must also be respected, and his numbers went down."

Published in 2007 this shows the effect media can have on the world. A nation where culture and lifestyle is so diverse from the way in which Americans lead their lives still are able to appreciate the technology and media of America. China and America have major ties in their technology and manufacturing of technology, for example the iPhone etc. so are therefore able to appreciate one anothers need for progress. However as China and America become rivals due to Chinas growing economy I believe they may become less fond of each others ways especially politically. In this article it is stated that the two nations differ in opinion when it comes to political issues due to past issues however I believe this will begin to change as both powers are forced to work closely together in global issues.

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