Sunday, October 9, 2011

Map of America

I found this map very interesting showing the percentage of land owned by government forces. Nearly 30% of America is owned by the government mainly in the West of America.

The highest federal owned state is Nevada with 84.5% I believe due to the high amount of agriculture and manufacturing that is created in Nevada. For example Nevada is responsible for producing 3/4 of Americas gold. It is also the highest producing state of silver among many other natural resources. Therefore many of the mines would be state owned or leased to private firms meaning that high profits can be achieved by the government.

Connecticut is the lowest federally owned state (0.4%) due to the very much agricultural landscape of the state. Due to the decline in the agricultural industry over the years government would not necessarily want to own as much land as that with resources such as coal, gold etc. Another reason why Connecticut may have the lowest percentage would be its positioning within the America itself. Its situation in the Midwest means that the surrounding land is very mountainous meaning that it wouldn't be an appropriate place for the government to situate military bases. It would also be inappropriate for military bases as there is no close ports or major airports.

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