Saturday, October 8, 2011

Map of America - The 38 State Union

This map that I have chosen shows the re-creation of America from 50 to 38 states to explain how it can be split into wider, more broad states; or into smaller more defined states, depending on which way you choose to look at it.

Main states like Alaska have now been split into separate states”as quoted by one of the users on the blog that I have been looking at.

This new design does have some negative factors such as: the new change leading to confusion in a political way, this means each state that has been split or enlarged may require a new or two mayors if needed.

This could also mean that there may be more political debates in America with regards to the new changes.

This realignment was intended to be more ‘organic’ and more logical, as major population centres such as Kansas City would no longer be located in two different states.

The map is also more useful in the analysis of "cultural influence". In the sense that rural town Arkansas seems to similar to that of West Tennessee but different to East Tennessee.

My overall conclusion is that since the change has been made this could possibly create conflict or close bonds of all Americans.

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