Friday, October 7, 2011

Japanese view of America

Japan and America are best pals. We’ve been friends for a long time now, ever since we got over that little spat that we affectionately refer to as World War 2. Japan has put up some memorials, we built a monument, we’ve got military bases in their country, and we structured their constitution so that they’re unable to build an offensive army ever again. A truly mutually beneficial relationship.
America has been lucky, really, considering how much it has gained from its former adversary. Americans now read anime and watch manga. They Japanese video games and eat sushi. Though Japan is a strange and different place, we find ways to exchange culture and ideas across the vast expanse of the Pacific ocean.
Japan, too, has gained from the relationship. Japanese people eat cheeseburgers and mini-pizzas (with mayonaise, blech!), they watch American movies like Indiana Jones and Star Wars, and sometimes they even imbibe premium American beers, like Budweiser.

When looking at this blog, it starts off outlining what I thought to be the most significant meeting between Japan and America; World War II, and more specifically Hiroshima. As a result of this, I believed that the relationship between these two would be; not on best terms, however this blog believes differently 'Japan and America are best pals'. It states that both countries use one another's products and furthermore, enjoy them 'cheeseburgers and mini-pizzas', this shows that the relationship between Japan and America has grown substantially, Japan are incorporating American culture into their own. I feel that Japan are enabling this as the believe American culture is not greater but more efficient than their own, Japan are trying to follow America in globalising their assets, for example; Japan are pushing forward in the food chains, such as sushi bars like Yo Sushi, just in the same way America have McDonald's or Starbucks.
This blog shows that Japan has a admiration for America, however i believe this is not the case. The Hiroshima bomb was an attempt at making Japan surrender in WWII, which as we know succeeded, as a result of this bomb,90000-160000 people died, this wasn't because of the initial blast, many people died as a result of burns, radiation sickness, starvation of crops, etc.. From this I felt Japan would have a grim view of America, they would always hold a grudge against America for killing innocent people, who caused not threat.

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