Sunday, October 2, 2011

Positive and Negative Representations of America.

I decided that this image of an empty Hollywood star is a positive representation of America because of the hope the country inspires within not only its citizens, but within people all over the world who travel to America because they believe that American life is the better life. This also reinforces the American Dream, which offers you everything so long as you work hard and are a good person.

I chose this image of the Westboro Baptist church to mean more than the obvious hate that they spread. I use this image to mean that not everyone is seen as equal in America. While it advertises itself as the land of the free, it appears that this only applies so long as you are a white, heterosexual male from a good background. I chose this picture to contrast with my positive image as it may be that the American Dream is not accessible for all within America.

I found this task difficult because although I seem to have plenty of ideas for negative images of America, I struggled to think of a positive one.

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