Sunday, October 9, 2011

Singles of America

This map stood out for me as an intriguing outlook of America's social culture, it shows in numbers, the irregularity of genders in certain areas. This map was the opposite look to what i had devised in my head, i believed that more women or more single women would be in L.A as there is plenty of sunshine and gorgeous beaches, however this map indicates more single women are in New York. One of the reasons I think this has occurred, is that New York is seen as the big business or work hub of America, therefore many women who have moved to NY are there for work and not socialising. They live in New York to widen their work prospects, and may have no interest for relationships. This is why people say that 'Sex in the City' is based in New York and not L.A Posted by Frank Jacobs on July 6, 2007, 6:51 PM

L.A is shown to be where mostly men are single and by 40000, maybe this could be just because of the sheer population of this area, I mean 40,000 men out of a population growing over 15,000,000 doesn't seem that much. However this is where most single men are, one of the reasons for this is; L.A is known for gang violence, some people say that L.A is where gangs were created. Most 'gangsters are men due to the high percentage of violence within the 'wars', also most gang members are loyal to their friends and gangs, that they do not wish to have relationships as this may be a distraction from their group. Another reason staying on the subject of gangs for high number of single men, is that women are not appealed to the danger that being in a relationship with a gangster brings, they wish to stay away from the fear that they could lose their partner or their own lives.

In the mid central parts of America, there isn't many gender differences, there aren't more single girls to boys and reverse. I feel that this not only is because in these states or areas there is less population the gain the figures. But also because living in the centre in of America places like North and South Dakota, Nebraska and Wyoming most people are seen to have immigrated to these states, where couples would come to settle down and start and family. More people starting a family are looking for these rural or suburban areas and not big cities like New York or L.A. Also I believe that living in these areas, younger members of the population are less pressured into leaving the home, many people living in the mid centre of America stay in the same place for most of their lives, therefore they are more prone to settling down in their hometown.

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