Saturday, December 3, 2011

Coca-Cola -Christmas Ad

The advert I chose to use is the Christmas coca -cola TV advert. Coca-cola has been around since 1886. There have been many different versions of it made along with hundreds of various adverts shown on TV.
One specific one that I can think of is the Christmas coke advert.

Throughout the 1 minute clip we don't actually see the entire length of the trucks on screen we just see parts of it through the trees as it moves.

As the various trucks move through the city, passes trees, houses and buildings which all then light up - this would create a festive feel in the ad and make it appealing to its audience especially young children.

At the end as the truck moves away an animation/graphic of Santa is shown drinking the product this would be the most important part that centres the advert because it promotes the product in an effective way.

This advert clearly promotes the product well, as well as making it appealing and festive to its viewers.

The Christmas music fits perfectly with the topic and the season too.

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