Saturday, December 3, 2011

BMW Commercial

Adverts are used to sell an organisation's product, however what this advert does so well, is the fact that the advert is selling and advertising the whole company not just one product. It states how they can make this perfect driving machine which all the best features, however they claim that these features are already relevant to present car models being sold and used today. this advert is a great marketing tool as it illustrating all of BMW car's strengths, promoting how they are a leading class in not just executive cars, but all cars in general.

There are problems with this advert however, as most adverts do, this one tells the audience that the cars run on some "electric energy", how it is "built from lightweight materials" and how it uses "fuel intelligently", although it never specifies what these features are. you can't say the uses fuel intelligently without backing this idea up, for example; saying how many miles to the gallon an average BMW does. what this advert lacks is precise details of common feature, whether this is because they are ashamed of stats and figures or they didn't have enough advert time to put all that information in. This advert is a prime example of great marketing, as it offers the audience the perfect experience if you buy one of their cars, it only represents the strengths of the company, which is what will sell to many customers.

The advert itself comes across as being well thought through and well funded, the tunnel scene seems very cinematic and well edited. The voice over tells the audience the minimal but exact amount of information needed to be explained in order to entice watchers. The music used comes across peacefully or calmly, this helps the audience believe that buying one of these cars will enable a calm and tranquil experience. Another things that this advert does so well, is that it doesn't promote itself to a specific group or audience, this advert can be shown to males or females of any ages or race.

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