Sunday, December 11, 2011

American Doubt

The idea of the American Dream is defined in The Great Gatsby by the lack of ambition and determination as the 1920’s were based on the material gains that were accessible at this time. This in some ways is very relevant to the lack of belief in the American Dream in today society however for the alternative reason. Many have lost faith in the fact that their political leaders they feel are untrustworthy through the main issue that the economy has become so weak.

Both The Great Gatsby and this article talk about the large class divide in having much to do with the lack of faith in the American Dream. We immediately see the article as cynical from its first words “The American Dream was probably more of a political concoction to prove our way was better than the Soviet way, but when it worked, boy did it work well” this creates the idea that is seen in The Great Gatsby through the lack of belief in terms of Gatsby’s criminal activities for example. The theme of criminal activities likens with today's accusations that banks and governments had worked corruptly and therefore forced us into the economic situation of today.

The article portrays the realities of the lack of faith in the American Dream whereas The Great Gatsby even in its time of release could be questioned as many were not in the position portrayed by Fitzgerald although still in good circumstances. Therefore it is hard to relate to this rather than the fact stated in this article which many if not most would associate with.

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