Friday, December 2, 2011

American Consumerism

Nike has always had very iconic and memorable commercials and this 2011 one includes the same values seen in all. The message seems to portray the idea that Nike products empower consumers. Its use of multiple well known sports stars. They also use many ethnicities throughout the commercial signifying that sports can unite, erasing race or nationality when participating in sports. It also advertises the range of products they produce by portraying the fact they are suppliers and sponsors for all these athletes. It is important I feel for them to cover the many sports available and not just those that are the most popular including those sports with female role models. We are made to believe we too can become as good as those included in the advert.

The music I feel is very important to the visual as it encourages aggression and confidence needed to establish a correct mental attitude to participate in professional sports. The use of the slogan “just do it” at the end of the commercial finally connects the audience with the commercial as it’s something everyone can relate to and associate with.

I think it is significant that throughout the advert they do not focus on the products themselves but rather the athletes involved. It promotes a view of never giving up which has always been very closely attached to the attitudes of America.

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