Sunday, November 6, 2011

Tea Party Patriots

The website I have chosen to look at is called "Tea Party Patriots". It is a forum oriented site with people from the genera public - not anyone specific posting various political topics about America. The website says it is the official home of the American Tea Party Movement.

The websites slogan stands out to me the most: "A community committed to standing together, shoulder to shoulder, to protect our country and the Constitution upon which we were founded!"
This says to me that even though they are a small group of people they are really proud of their country and want to keep it as a place to be proud of.

One of the forum posts is regarding the Constitution of the United States of America. it talks about constitutional issues and information.

With regards to the sites layout, the site has its own mission to solve, it reads: Our mission is to attract, educate, organize, and mobilize our fellow citizens to secure public policy consistent with our three core values of Fiscal Responsibility, Constitutionally Limited Government and Free Markets. The site also has Core Values which are as follows:

• Fiscal Responsibility

Constitutionally Limited Government

• Free Markets

Later throughout the site I came across a sentence that said "Free people carry guns but slaves don't".

To me this sentence says a lot in terms of slaves being treated so badly and cant do anything about it and yet there are people on the streets that commit crimes and get put into jail making America seem a negative and criticized place - which is what the members of this site are trying to prevent.

Tea Party Patriots

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