Friday, November 4, 2011

Oklahoma City Tea Party

This website is was made by members of the Oklahoma City Tea Party, this websites advertises and expresses the Tea Party views and opinions on current affairs. The website promotes itself to the viewer asking for donations and wanting people to join their rallies, this can be seen as forceful and can therefore be seen as a form of preaching. The websites offers the chance for outsiders to send mail (or Hate mail) which i find intriguing, as it can be seen as a chance for anyone to send abuse or down-grading them. Also this websites has links to supporting the military and yet it also promotes a gun free zone, demonstrating a sign of contradictory, i therefore believe that this party's opinions cannot abide or work with what the former or later opinion states.

The main video shown on the homepage expresses how this party believes that the american government is turning towards oligarchy, this video gives a brief outlook into the beliefs of this party. The video enters no real explanation only offering three sides of the governmental spectrum, and ignoring monarchy and anarchy and yet this forms of government are still around to this day. This illustrates that the party is only showing what they feel is right and not what is the truth or relevant to the topic.

Reducing social security taxes even more will be the height of irresponsibility. Obama doesn’t care, for him it is an act of
desperation as his re-election chances appear to be fading away. He doesn't care about responsible decisions, he just wants to be re-elected and continue to kick the can down the road for others to deal with as an even larger problem in future years.

This website comes across as being very opinionated on american political issues, they have made many anti-Obama blogs stating his weaknesses and faults before and during his reign. This particular party believes that Obama is an insult to responsibility, they feel that he is preparing to spend too much and increasing taxes.

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