Saturday, November 19, 2011

Britain needs guns versus The Brady Campaign

Britain Needs guns, is a pro gun site based on allowing the use of guns in Britain, they believe that firearms certificates should be issued by an accountable national body, instead of the police. The person would then have to get a fit person's certificate and
certificate of competence. The fit person's certificate allows the following:

  • Join any shooting club that will accept him.
  • Take any firearms training course available to him.
  • Borrow guns from existing Firearms Certificate holders to use under their supervision.
  • Carry non-lethal weapons (pepper spray, stun guns etc) in public for his personal protection.

Binding that they have adequate storage arrangements and the two certificates, you can then acquire a firearms certificate, although you must have completed courses and training in
defensive use. These certificates can be suspended or evoked by
the law if they feel the grounds that the holder represents a danger to public safety or the peace. This Website puts across their views and ideas for gun control, saying that it will benefit the British people, they are not wanting free exercise of gun use, they wants regulation and restrictions to firearm usage.

The Brady Campaign is a website based on gun control, wanting tighter laws from the government in order to protect their people. This website has many videos suggesting new ways of prevention, stories of gun related deaths, manly studies and reports of gun violence in the

USA. The website also has a link to where you can add your own opinion to the subject, allowing citizens to express there views, because the matter of the fact is, that they are the people affected by this violence.

The website also asks for donations and demands for people to take action, this can be seen in a quite aggressive manner, as if they are pushing the matters on to people. Including the victims page, gives the reader a sense of guilt if they do not sign up or commit to gun control, this websites seems be a protest rather than a website, asking for change, wanting support and pursuing their almost impossible objectives.

What's more convincing?
Out of the two websites, i feel that the British pro guns site is more convincing, they haven't just
said that guns should be legalized for everyone, but they wish for certain rules and regulations.
This website also is focusing on making the
country a better place, unlike the Anti-guns site which focuses on the result of guns and past events. Also the anti-guns site is more aggressive in approach, they seem to be asking for a response and want action, where as the pro guns wants to know what people think. The British website also is very interesting as they also have a page based on deaths per year in America in correspondence to firearms. This can be seen as a deterrence of firearms but instead it is meant to say that with the laws they wish to put on firearms, then most of these deaths would be avoided, apart from legal intervention.

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